Message from Founders Nick and Lorie Howley

Dear Friends of The Howley Foundation,

We believe that over the long term, the best way to create upward social and economic mobility and improve lives of economically disadvantaged people is to provide them with quality educational opportunities. We believe an educated population is better able to deal rationally with a broad range of personal, family, social, and political issues. For a variety of reasons, many students are deprived of such an education.

When we founded The Howley Foundation in 2001, we hoped we could make a difference by providing a modest number of scholarships to students so they could receive a quality education, which included some element of character formation, that otherwise would have been out of reach. We never imagined the extent to which our Foundation could touch the lives of so many students and families.

We have stayed true to our mission by providing scholarships to students from disadvantaged communities. We also have expanded and explored other ways we can do more through education to create upward social and economic mobility. We have expanded our grant-making to generate broader impact in the field of education and, more recently, workforce development in the healthcare field and other career-oriented opportunities.

This report, our first Impact Report, showcases some of the transformational work carried out by our partners. We are proud to support schools and organizations that improve access to high-quality educational opportunities for underserved youth. Each of our grantees takes a unique approach to their educational models, but they all possess a passion and commitment to making the world a better place for future generations.

When you navigate through this Impact Report, you will see the inspirational stories and statistics that demonstrate the work of The Howley Foundation. We see bright futures ahead for the Howley Scholars and others who benefit from the work of our Foundation, giving us hope for the future and a desire to increase access to educational models that focus on strong academics and character formation.


Nick and Lorie Howley

Founders and Trustees of The Howley Foundation

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